Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale (CUB)

CUB is an artistic response to the necessity to express in time about dysfunctions, before it is too late.

One part of the biennial is showing ultracontemporary artworks produced and exhibited the very same day, which means the exhibition is in a daily transformation and renewal.

The other part is showing once-ultracontemporary artworks from the last 25 years that now form part of The Delay Museum collection and have been shown in museums and institutions such as: MOMA/PS1 in New York, European Culture, Congress in Wroclaw, Vietnam University of Fine Art, Galerie Taiss in Paris, MOAD- Museum of African, Design in Johannesburg, PAN - Palazzo delle Arti in Napoli IIleana Tounta Gallery in Athen ;ZKM Museum Karlsruhe , Herning Heart Museum ,Sprengel Museum Hannover , Venice Biennale ; Manifesta Biennale , Liverpool Biennale etc …. (art works that were pulsing in the NOW in one one of the ultracontemporary art formats


The aesthetics of emergency

The relevance and the importance of art are the key criterion when artists’ pertinent works have to see the light of day. Pertinence as a criterion lifts the artworks above the aesthetic relationship between its form and message because the works primate will be evaluated in relation to the surrounding reality that goes beyond the sphere of art.


Artists and their role

CUB show artworks by international artists who have a burning need to express about what is happening in the world at the moment or what will happen if we don’t act now. It could be topics such as actual wars, critical climatic conditions, political changes and other factors and events that require public attention

The Rendez-vous

The exhibition as a point of encounter

CUB consists of exhibitions and agora-like meeting points for art and debate. CUB focuses thus on the now as a moment of an encounter between the artists and with the audience. 

Questioning the structure

What is contemporary 

The biennale also stimulates the flexibility and self-critique of what we today consider contemporary art.

CUB - Streaming

Ongoing activity ( streaming ) since 2015 and official Biennale action days planned for sept 2019

The emergencies cannot only be expressed upon, every second year. CUB finds it thus necessary to have a streaming platform operating globally. The biennale has since 2015 been organizing ongoing ultracontemporary actions based on different art formats. A line of streaming activities have been supported by Danish Arts Council and realized in collaboration with international museum- and gallery partners such as MOAD- Museum African Design in Johannesburg, Africa Art Magazine and Art Fair in Cape Town, Emma Thomas Gallery in Sao Paolo and Worker’s Museum in Copenhagen , Casablanca Biennale , IKM museum in Olso …In 2019 there will be ultracontemporary streaming plattforms ( so far : in Mannheim in Derby , Venice , Copenhagen , Vejle,, Oslo etc…. Despite streaming internationaly , CUBS is having a central moment every 2 years in september (2017.2019)

The CUSB vision was created by Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL, founder/ art format owner together with Tijana Miskovic, curator and is being developed in collaboration with supporters from different professional fields.

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