Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Streaming Biennale

Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Streaming Biennale (CUSB) focuses on artistic capacity to express in closest possible proximity to “the now” and on the artistic duty to spot dysfunctions in society, in order to act upon them before it is too late. 

Artworks are produced and exhibited on the very same day, which means the biennale is in daily transformation and renewal. The emergencies cannot only be expressed upon every second year. Thus the Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Streaming Biennale finds it necessary to have a streaming platform operating globally. Apart from a group of curated exhibitions for September 2017 in several art institutions, public space, and daily media, the biennale is also a line of ongoing actions born out of different art formats.

CUSB includes Danish and international artists who have a burning need to produce works that relate to what is happening in the world at the moment or what will happen if we don’t act now. It could be topics such as actual wars, critical climatic conditions, political changes and other factors and events that require public attention. Artists’ sensibility towards the surrounding world and often intuitive avant-garde registrations, make it possible to have and express immediate opinions and visions, which can be very valuable as guidelines for future developments.

The relevance and the importance of art are the key criterion when artists’ pertinent works have to see the light of day. Pertinence as a criterion lifts the artworks above the aesthetic relationship between its form and message because the works primate will be evaluated in relation to the surrounding reality that goes beyond the sphere of art.

The program consists of ongoing exhibition and agora-like meeting points for art and debate. CUSB focuses thus on the now as a moment of an encounter; A moment where the artist meets other artists, where the artwork meets the audience and where the art world meets the world outside the art zone. 

To create a rendezvous means to share same place, same time and eventually common worries. Rendezvous can create a possibility for (inter)action. This kind of authentic encounter demands real presence. The involved ultracontemporary artist would are being present in all sense of the word; physically, mentally and in time. 

The artists’ presence makes it possible to react on a trained reflex. CUSB focuses on artists’ capacity to catch the ball and send it back. This reflex way of working as an artist is not only about the speed but a well-trained sense of timing. The fact that the artworks are done fast, does not mean that they are superficial; on the contrary, they have a high degree of pertinence and precision because of its closeness to the now.

The biennale also stimulates the flexibility and self-critique of what we today consider contemporary. The critical lens towards the contemporary art landscape including the biennale format itself is part of a bigger project called Questioning the Structure.

A line of CUSB activities have been supported by Danish Arts Council and realized in collaboration with international museum- and gallery partners.

The biennale is additionally funded by selling of artworks to private and public collections. If you are interested in receiving a PDF catalogue with artworks for sale, please send us an e

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