3rd day: September 20th

Two important aspects about the instant curating on the beach: 1) Placespecific curating would mean exactly this. Caring the artwork looking for the best spot. Looking at the suroundings and discovering the best conceptula link to the artwork. The tentartwork by Thierry Goeffroy today was based on the statement "power of waves" so it was well contextualized on the beach.  2) Enganging curating including the wish to bring the art to the viewer with a different kind of reach out. By exhibiting the artoworks about climat chang on the beach of Amager, we provoke the perception and interpretation where the viewer is bridging the big global dezaster story with their own  local (safity)zone . When the passer-bys are seeing the artworks about the climate change on "their" beach very close to their homes and lives, the topics articulated in the artwork reachem differently (comparing to seeing the same artowork in a museum).