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The spirit of ULTRACONTEMPORARY is based on ULTRAFAST art formats developed by artist Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL already in 1988. It is also connected to artist’s later art format EMERGENCY ROOM, where other artists are involved and which has, during the last 10 years, been realized in 10 different art institutions including MOMA PS1.

In the last 3 years Thierry Geoffroy/COLONEL has been together with curator Tijana Miskovic cultivating and spreading the spirit of ultracontemporary and growing it into a new biennale, COPENHAGEN ULTRACONTEMPORARY BIENNEALE. The new biennale will be a platform for producing and presenting art in time. Every day new artworks will be produced and exhibited. The artworks will express about what artists consider most important today. The biennial will thus daily be taking a puls on artists’ important and permanent thinking. Each day there will be a vivid debate among artists as well as with the audience. Further more, parallel to the exhibition activities, there will be an online platform including social media connection, where the artists’ statements will be circulated simultaneously.

The warmup for the COPENHAGEN ULTRACONTEMPORARY BIENNEALE has already been resulting in a number of international interventions, exhibitions and presentations such as XX (Johannesburg), XXX (Sao Paulo), XXX (New York), AICA (Copenhagen), Worker's Museum (Copenhagen), City Hall Clock Tower (Copenhagen) etc. 

ULTRACONTEMPORARY is an avand-gard way of doing art and it is based on freedom. Artistic freedom to question the society and its structure including the art world we are part of. 

At this moment we need support to continue.

For this year we already have a line of interesting projects planed such as: 

-  Masha / documenta

-  Venice. I line of interviews

- cub in September

100 % of the donation goes to development of ULTRACONTEMPORAY - the new art movement focusing on art in time. We appreciate very much your support and the fact you choose to be part of the journey.



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