20/7 1997


20/7 1997


1997, blue paint on newspaper cutout, 12 x 8 cm  

Artwork by Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL

From series COLONEL PEINTRE DE LA JUSTICE / LES CASQUES BLEUX Extract from Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.


CASQUES BLEUX from 1991 to 2001. 

The art works are based on a daily artistic registration of the newspaper’s way of treating conflicts through photography. 

Each time the artist sees a picture of a person in uniform in the newspaper, he would extract it by removing the related text and painting a blue helmet. 

UN blue helmet is an artistic metaphoric for innocence and good intention. The series COLONEL PEINTRE DE LA JUSTICE / LES CASQUES BLEUX questions the propaganda and the lack of alertness and critical awareness that the color blue is connected to the UN creates among the media consumers. 

Each artwork is done the same day the newspaper is published. The date written on the artwork and the name of the newspaper, is thus part of its the aesthetic expression as well as the concept. 

The series is a result of 10 years long registration and has a value of an art collection, which because of it size, can bring to light interesting analytic aspects about the aesthetic of the media as well as dissimilarity in the interpretation of conflicts from different geographical, cultural and political contexts. For example there would be a tendency of exposing the wounded people and blood in connection to some conflicts but not with others. 

For more information please visit the link: http://www.emergencyrooms.org/peintre/justice.html

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