Fear the fear makers


Fear the fear makers


20/11 2015, red spray pain on tent, 2,2 kilos, 2 x 1,40 m

Artwork by Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL

The artwork was created and shown in front of the White House in Washington.

Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL has since 1991 been using tents to expressing immediate opinions on art and surrounding world.

The tents can be both looked at as paintings and as sculptures. When exhibited in the public space they even become performative and interactive works.

The sides of the tents are used by the artist as canvas for painted statements. After the tents become mobile sculptural objects.

The placement of the tent in the public spaces and in important art contexts is the additional layer of value and interpretation, which is embodied in the sculpture.  

Furthermore each tent has been creating important debates among professionals in the art world as well as the press.

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