Is Documenta in Athens to sell weapons from Kassel


Is Documenta in Athens to sell weapons from Kassel


16/07 2015, black marker text on color print and carton, 19 x 16 cm

The artwork os is part of "Always question the structure " done in Kassel

One of Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel artwork created during the 60-years anniversary of documenta / Kassel where CUB was questioning documenta's interest in beeing inGreece. VISIT

Geoffroy has done over the years a body of work called " THE NEXT DOCUMENTA SHOULD BE CURATED BY A TANK " / (the global contemporary ZKM museum )


As an immediate and direct way of expressing and freezing his thoughts, Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL has in 4 years been producing cartons in a diary like way consisting of drawing, text and occasionally glued paper clippings. 

The cartons express the raw, unpolished artistic thought, which depending on the moment (state of mind if the artists and his surrounding) can range from direct and sharp to personal and doubtful also including the contradiction as part of authentic and honest communication. 

The cartons form an impressive collection of more than 600 works, and can be analyzed chronologically, thematically or visually. 

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